What you should pay attention to when buying a house

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Buying your own house is great move. Before doing this you need to consider and examine many options before you find your perfect choice. It is better if you have some plan and a list of things to pay attention to make sure your big investment won’t turn into a disaster in the future. Here we suggest our own list of things you should consider.


Buying and renting a house it is always a dilemma between purchasing a property in a city, where all the life is, or to choose a nice quite suburb. Each option has pros and cons, so there is no universal answer for everybody. Families tend to pick suburbs where everything seems more peaceful, more friendly, more middle class. Suburb houses are usually bigger and the neighbors are not just behind the wall, so they won’t probably cause many problems. It gives some sense of privacy. Besides, you can arrange your loan, add some flowers and plants if you like gardening. But commuting is much longer, some would spend hours in traffic getting to and from work. Besides, there are no many malls, stores, cinema theaters, etc. around, so if you need a haircut or grocery shopping you will have to drive to this place.


Everybody would like to live in a quiet neighborhood where you won’t be scared to let your kids play outside, where you can become friends with your neighbors, where there is no heavy traffic or industries. Things you need to investigate closer is how many schools or kindergartens are available, their reputation; if there are possibility for walking and biking; where you can go with kinds and family (playgrounds, parks, libraries, etc.). You can even go deeper and try and find information about crime rate in this neighborhood and how protected people who live in it are.

House’s background

This may not be easy to do but the house’s background is what you need to check also. You may find a perfect house, in a great neighborhood, and at a very attractive price, but there can be a catch. What if your potential house has a history, not a nice one? You can question the neighbors or google to make sure nobody was killed in this house, that it was not a property of some drug lord, that it was not damaged and then quickly repaired after a fire or a flood – it can cause big issues later if bearing construction lost their capacity. So if you don’t want any unexpected surprises make sure to investigate about suck things, don’t be afraid to directly ask your property agent or search online.

Residential Property


Don’t neglect to hire an inspector to check the house’s condition. A professional examination will reveal real state of things and will definitely be more effective then checking everything on your own. What you need to pay attention at foremost is roof and walls condition, since it they are probably the most expensive things to repair. Checking plumbing is also important. Make sure they are no leaks, water damage and mold. Not only it is hard to get rid of the mold but also it can be very dangerous for health, especially for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. Don’t forget to check wiring and ventilation systems. Any flaws discovered can be deal-stoppers if they are significant, or they can help you to get a better price when negotiation if it is possible to fix them.


There are many factors hid behind the layout that may help or hinder the purchase. Starting from size, location and quantity of the windows, stairs convenience and steepness, to rooms size and location. For example, if you want to get a lot of day light you won’t select a house with windows directed to North or obscured with high trees or other houses and structures. If you have little kids or a wheelchair person in your family a very steep stairs won’t be an issue. If you don’t like rooms layout you need to get a consultation on whether you can change it and how much it will cost. Removing a non-load-bearing wall can be quite expensive and cost thousands of dollars, so imagine how much investments will require tearing down a bearing wall. So if you don’t like house’s layout maybe it is not worth to agree for this option, even if the price may seem good.

Garage and driveway

We can’t imagine our lives without a car and seems like every family has at least one. When buying a house you need to remember that it is not only for people, it is also for our vehicles. Make sure that there is enough space to station all the cars your family owns, so that you won’t end up arguing on whose car will stay outside at a driving way. Speaking about drive ways, make sure to take your most big vehicle with your when looking at a house to make sure the drive way is not too narrow. Also you probably don’t want a super big driveway, which is a pain to shovel in winter.


This is not a full list of things to consider when you venture to purchase your own real estate property, but we hope our hope is useful and help you to buy a house that is a joy to live in.

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