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Every business needs promotion, whether we talk about a grocery store or high tech industries. Real estate field is not exception. Agencies and brokers also need to advertise their services, find new clients, expand markets, etc.

Advertisement, that real estate business uses, can be divided into two categories – traditional means and digital advertisement.

Even though we are living in the era of internet it is mistaken to think that traditional forms of advertisement are obsolete and don’t work anymore. On the contrary, we are swamped with banners, signs and billboards as never before.

Real Estate Sign

Why is display advertising still in demand these days? The answer is simple – it can reach a wide group of people, basically if we talk about outdoor banners everybody who is outside can see your marketing message. However it can also influence certain target groups of potential clients. Let’s say an agency wants to advertise their services in a particular neighborhood, what can be better than to install one of the stands of outdoor banner displays system by Exhibe Portable in this area? The ability to affect just the right groups of people is what makes this form of advertisement so effective.

What forms can display advertisement take

As we already mentioned, the most popular advertisement means are billboards, outdoor banners, signs, advertisement on buses or bus stops. They all pertain to outdoor advertisement. People pay attention to vivid colors, interesting layout or intriguing message, and even those who do not browse through the ads on purpose still remember them at subconscious level. One more advantage of this form is that it is possible to locate advertisement means in strategic areas important for the real estate business so that they are opened to the view of target audience.

Besides outdoor advertisement real estate agencies can use newspapers, TV, postcards, direct mail, however they work only if the business is aimed at a wide audience of potential clients since it is hard to address the advertisement to certain segments of people. Besides, the cost of such ad campaigns is normally higher.

Bench Advertisement

Digital advertisement

The internet offers many opportunities to businesses to let the world know about them. It basically substitutes the advertisement in a printed form in a newspaper but the effectiveness of digital promotion is much higher.

Using such tools as Adverx, real estate agencies are able to demonstrate their advertisement to people who search for specific things online related to real estate, for example mortgage calculator or houses for sale. People, showing that they have a certain need in real estate field, are offered to pay attention to one agency or another. It is convenient for both sides – potential customers can save their time on searches and agencies are able to engage with more clients. Pay-per-click or pay-per-lead advertisement allows real estate business to direct efforts and budget only on certain groups of people who are really interested in renting/buying/selling property instead of paying for advertisement that is demonstrated to everybody.

There is no one universal way to advertise business that would work absolutely for everybody, however the efficiency of marketing campaign increases if to combine several form of promotions. Several outdoor banners can be used to enhance digital forms of advertisement and vice versa. Real estate agencies just must know the goals they want to achieve, who their target audience is and how much they can invest in promoting their name.

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